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Who we are

Our mission statement

A baseball program for youth and youth coaches designed to facilitate their development in the game.

The programs’ core values will be used as a guide in providing a rich and rewarding experience.

The Sandlot programs will be both competitive and developmental in nature and emphasize sportsmanship and character more than on-field success.

Each team will have its own style with the thread of Sandlot culture woven in it. Coaching the coaches as well as the players will be ongoing; Sandlot baseball has a tradition of teaching winning baseball and developing teammates for life.

Core Values

Respect the game and all its parts – teammates, coaches, umpires, opponents, fans, and media.

Learn to handle the results and failure; focusing on performance and mentality and ultimately acquire a love for the game and your place in it….a love for its history and relevance to our society

Be a teammate striving for personal greatness without losing perspective of team concept and responsibilities…how giving of yourself actually helps you individually in the game..how commitment to team creates an environment of learning and achievement..

Winning Baseball expectation of excellence…disciplined preparation of certain aspects of baseball regardless of physical potential will help all players have success and increase self esteem…Competition is part of winning baseball..Learning to compete effectively and respond to what the game brings us…

We believe this philosophy and core values will set a standard for these players and coaches that will enhance their love for the game, develop everlasting relationships, and prepare them to compete and appreciate team sports..

Our History


Sandlot began in 2004 in the backyard of then ASU Baseball Head Coach/ current Milwaukee Brewers Bench Coach Pat Murphy. One of Coach Murphy’s former players built a replica “Sandlot” field for his 3yr old son Kai.

It wasn’t too long after the field was built, that Kai, his friends and Coach Murphy’s associates were gathering every Monday or Wednesday night for some informal baseball; with not only Coach Murphy, but his former and current players; Craig Counsell and Dustin Pedroia were among the group.

Two years later the gathering grew so big, it was moved to Packard Stadium on the campus of Arizona State. Over 160 families were part of Monday night at Sandlot. People like Craig Counsell and Luis Gonzales helped support this effort, along with many local groups and former players. Sandlot even did a stint in downtown phoenix for a year to try and expose the Sandlot to all different areas of the Valley.


One afternoon in 2008, Coach Murphy contacted and set up a meeting with Rob Gorrell former ASU player and minor leaguer with the Milwaukee Brewers to see if he would be interested in heading up a competitive club team of 8 year olds. Rob accepted and the travel ball team known as the Sandlot All-Stars was born.  Kai Murphy, Grant Gorrell, Carson Tucker, Alex Palacios, JD McLaughlin, Sammy Gonzales, TJ Clarkson, Brady Bulger, Willie Cano, Jack Malone, Brock Burton and Chaz Deluca were part of some of our first teams.  All of them are still involved in the program in some capacity and played USA Baseball with Sandlot this past summer.  Rob is currently the executive director of Sandlot BBA (non profit) and the owner of Sandlot Baseball dba Wilson Sandlot.  Rob is also an Associate scout for the Detroit Tigers.

The Sandlot philosophy of playing fast, aggressive and aware has translated into great success on the field.  Since the original group was assembled in the fall of 2008 Sandlot has amassed an overwhelming win-loss record while winning many tournaments including out of state tournaments.  The program has won 2 California VTV titles, 15 Super NIT tournaments including a MLK in California, 2 Spring Nationals, 2 Fall National Championships in Las Vegas, 2 top 5 finishes in Elite 32’s and TBS National Championships and countless runner ups and in-state tournament championships.  Sandlot Baseball has competed in tournaments in California, Nevada, Utah, Texas, Georgia, North Carolina, Florida and Virginia.  Moving forward Sandlot will be fielding elite teams in the 15u-18u age divisions with the sole purpose of furthering development while showcasing our players in the best means possible to College Recruiters and Professional Scouts.  This fall (2015) we will start a new program for the 15u-18u kids to help with the recruiting process. We have a lot of resources and contacts at our disposal and we plan on using them to help every kid in our program get a chance to play College Baseball whether it is at the JUCO, NAIA, D3, D2 or D1 level.

In the picture above, many of our original kids from 2008 are now playing High School Baseball.  Cohlton Kieffer (Corona), Kai Murphy (Red Mountain), Kaeden Moore (Desert Vista), Daniel Sotelo (Corona), Grant Gorrell (Mesquite), Alex Palacios (Brophy),  Brady Bulger (Verrado), Fernando Leal (Unknown), Chance Brewington (Hamilton), Adrian Salazar (Kellis), Drew Dyer (Brophy), Chaz De Luca (Hamilton), Willie Cano (Mesquite)